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Connection for the future

NUCLEUS GmbH can look back on more than 40 years of company history. The family run business is leading the experience in welding technology since it’s founding in 1976 by Dr. Ing. Florian Tschech.

Starting with the development and construction of fully automated engines for the welding production of personal protective equipment in 1978, we are now a specialist in the development of high quality ultrasonic welding engines made in Germany. 

Through intensive research and further development of continuous ultrasonic welding technology with rotating sonotrodes, today we are a high-tech engineering company and also a software developer for ultrasonic welding machines.

With our current Managing Director, Marc Tschech, we are already in our second generation of the family business. Based in Dusseldorf, Germany we are looking for the future of ultrasonic welding technology. With a large number of qualified and well trained employees, we develop and manufacture our machines still in Germany.

Through our 40 years company history and good relationship to our customers, NUCLEUS has build a huge network of business relations all over the world. We are always trying to working on our innovative, personalised and high quality products to deliver the best products and service to our partners. 

After moving to our new headquarter building in 2019, we are ready for challenging more projects in the field of ultrasonic welding technology.



NUCLEUS GmbH was founded in 1976 as an engineering company for nuclear process engineering in Dusseldorf, Germany with workshops in Aachen, Germany by Dr. med. Florian Tschech.



Development and construction of fully automated production machines for the production of personal protective equipment (“PSA”). Establishment of a separate production facility for disposable protective clothing. Patent registration for a special production processes.



Relocation to Dusseldorf, Germany and start of the development of special welding processes for thermoplastic films, technical textiles and nonwovens. Several publications on special welding processes are published. Development of a full automatic production line for nonwoven overalls made in a combination of welding and bonding technology.



Moving to an own production property and workshop rooms at Gerresheimer Str. 99, Dusseldorf, Germany. Design and construction of smaller welding machines and welding tools for special welding processes of nonwovens up to 150 g / m².



Set up of a second production facility in Lublin, Poland with 60 employees for the production of protective clothing in conventional sewing technology and welding technology.


Since 1994

Intensive research in the field of continuous ultrasonic welding technology with a rotating sonotrode. Design and development of a new, modular ultrasonic welding machine with flexible attachments, presented for the first time at the Fakuma fair 1999 and IMB fair 2000.



License agreement with PFAFF Industrial Engines AG and distribution of the standard machine “Rotomat SN” as a Pfaff product called: “Seamsonic 8310-01, 8310-02, 8310-03”.
Further development and modification of the proved ultrasonic welding technology through out new control and automation techniques.


February 2006

30th anniversary: From engineering to high-tech engineering and software development for ultrasonic welding with already 18 employees in Dusseldorf, Germany.



Introduction of the first V4E ultrasonic welding machine with a touch screen, which is designed to operate with a own developed software. The control of the pressing unit is now realized via a special constructed servo motor.



Start of the production of fully automatic hose-welding machines realized by the rotating of the sonotrode.



Launch of the new DX1 ultrasonic welding machine and cessation of production of the V4E ultrasonic welding machine. With the new DX1 series, the entire ultrasound unit is developed and produced by NUCLEUS. The components are the generator, converter and sonotrode.



Moving to the new build headquarter and production facility at Tichauer Weg 32 in Dusseldorf, Germany with now 25 employees.

Your personal sales partner

You can find our sales partners in many countries in Europe and North America. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or our sales partners. We also prepare welding samples for you.