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Your need is our focus

For proper handling of the ultrasonic welding machines, we offer training courses by experienced employees of our company. We can travel to your production facility’s and teach your team. Also your employees can visit us in our showroom in Dusseldorf.

Since the safe handling is the key to a smooth and flawless production of your products, we take a lot of time and discuss every detail and question with you. If you have questions or problems, we are also available after the training at any time.

Tailored training

For each machine from the NUCLEUS machine portfolio, as well as for the special machines, we offer you through our trained personnel team introductions into the operation of each machine. In addition to the operation of the machine itself, we offer you a material testing to find the right parameters and settings directly on your special needs. After our professional training you can go directly into the production process.

We train your team

You would like to train new machine operators on your machines? We take care of the training of your employees. Together we develop the perfect operation options of the machine as well as material-specific settings. In addition to the training, it is also possible to present and demonstrate our additional range of accessories and anvil wheels.

Application examples for ultrasonic welding

Your personal sales partner

You can find our sales partners in many countries in Europe and North America. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or our sales partners. We also prepare welding samples for you.