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Our special machines have the exclusive feature of processing very narrow tubular goods. Camera-controlled edge tracking enables precise welds parallel to the edge of the material, this allows a wide range of different contours.


Bag filter

Filters of any shape, particularly narrow, conical forms can be realised with overlap seams or folds, especially fine cutting welds can work easily and precisely on our special machines. NUCLEUS offers you the support and integration into already existing production processes.


Blood filter

Through the new concept of the DX1 free-arm machines and the associated free-arm modules, bag filters for blood filtration can be manufactured easily. The variety of the modules can be realized from 8mm to 80mm diameter. Especially narrow filters can be produced effectively, quickly and on a high quality level.


Star filter

The production of star filters can benefit from NUCLEUS machines. The extremely fine or delicate materials can be assembled gentle and safe. Especially the very narrow separating weld seams allows a high flow rate.

Application examples for ultrasonic welding

Your personal sales partner

You can find our sales partners in many countries in Europe and North America. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or our sales partners. We also prepare welding samples for you.