Ultrasonic components 

The precisely coordinated inactions of many specially developed components enable consistently high quality welding seams. The heart of our machines, the generator ensures in combination with our powerful sonotrodes a wide range of applications.

Sonotrode 12mm


Through years of experience NUCLEUS produces high quality sonotrodes with specially selected materials, where each component is perfect harmony. That way we are able to reach highest amplitudes, with best surface-allocation and highest performance. Benefit from best in class, constant amplitudes even at high pressures or speeds. 

Nucleus Konverter kr35C 1200


The new NUCLEUS KR35 converters have been especially optimized for roll seam applications, where the converter is constantly in motion. Dustproof encapsulated rotary transformers (IP51) guarantee maximum reliability even under difficult ambient conditions. Optionally available as IP61 version with compressed air cooling. 

Nucleus Generator


The generator is the heart of the ultrasonic device. Our new development opens the door to an entirely new application spectrum. 
The new generator series DG1x has been specially developed and optimized for roll seam applications. While others use standard generators which are made for ultrasonic presses, NUCLEUS has developed a generator that is optimized for always on sonic applications. 

Application examples for ultrasonic welding

Your personal sales partner

You can find our sales partners in many countries in Europe and North America. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or our sales partners. We also prepare welding samples for you.