ROTOSONIC V4E - Ultrasonic Welding Machines

The substantial progress in ultrasonic welding technique

Nucleus' new ROTOSONIC V4E is innovative technology at its perfection.
We set a high value on easy handling, reliable welding results, quality assurance and reproducibility while advancing and optimizing the machine.

A number of factors influence the quality of a weld seam.
To reach a reproducible, sound weld result the thermoplastic synthetics must be chosen, considering its feedstock influences.
The selection of a suitable ultrasonic-welding machine, but especially the constructive shape of the molding parts (surface of the anvil wheel and sonotrode) as well as working with optimized weld-parameters, essentially influence the quality of the result.

Besides the sonic-unit the heart of our ROTOSONIC-welding-machine is particularly the sophisticated, processor controlled regulation-automation.
This regulation system in combination with a computer driven, electromagnetic power supply, assures best producible welding results.

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