The advantages at a glance


All Nucleus ultrasonic welding machines of the type ROTOSONIC V4E feature the following configuration attributions and specifications:

  • easy handling due to user-friendly intuitive menu navigation
  • pc- and microprocessor-supported innovative regulation electronic
  • separate drives for sonotrode and anvil wheel
  • Material-Wizard for nearly fully-automated welding-parameter-detection
  • automated adjustment of welding parameters to any factors via Material-Editor
  • saving of set parameters on internal- and external-storage possible (e.g. USBstick)
  • worldwide online support through remote maintenance and error analysis via internet
  • automated identification of layer laps during dynamic velocity
  • visualization of all welding- and adjustable-parameters
  • creation of user-profiles (access can be denied to single menu options)
  • data recording for verification of quality assurance (optional)
  • networking of several machines via LAN (optional)
  • solid casing and machine rack in stainless steel design
  • modular machine assembly for large application range
  • a 240 V adaptor suffices, no air-pressure necessary
  • electromagnetic pressure generation and regulation
  • manually applicable puller-wheels additionally serving the material transport
  • operation terminal with 8" TFT-Touch-Screen
  • made in Germany


·    welding velocity:                  0,7-11 m/min, higher speed possible
·    seam width:                         2 - 10 mm
·    free arm length/passage:    400 mm
·    anvil wheel:                          ø 65mm, width and pattern customizable
·    contact pressure:                  variable
·    material puller:                     separate for right and left, lowers

                                                  mechanically (optional:electronically)
·    power supply:                       230V, 50Hz, 16A             
                                                  (also in USA-edition: 110V, 60Hz)
·    air pressure requisition:       none!
·    weight:                                  approx. 100kg, depending on edition
·    dimension:                            67 x 118 x 49 cm (w x h x d),  

                                                  depending on edition


In comparison

In the conventional discontinuously working ultrasonic-presses the sonotrode islowered down onto the counter tool (anvil). The size of the weld-area respectivelyweld-seam is limited by the dimension of the sonotrode's surface, making the largestpossible weld no longer than 100mm (depending on the frequency range).


Contrary to this the so called roll-seam-technique features considerable advantagesin many applications.The material is welded continuously as it is sandwiched between two wheels whichguide it through the machine. This technique allows continuous seams or evencurving weld-contours while the welding-velocity can reach up to over 20m/min (depending on the material)